Chez Yoshi

I graduated from property ownership by selling my houses in San Jose and on Maui. After moving to Honolulu, I rented a nice condominium unit in a high rise building, and I enjoyed hassle-free living in a very convvenient location with pretty much everything I need within a short walking distance. All good things come to an end. As my health issues began to spring up, I decided to move into a retirement residence, which I think will be my final home.

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Current Chez Yoshi

Living in an retirement residence, I no longer have to prepare meals, change linens, or clean my apartment!  It's like living in a hotel with a very old clientele! Despite all the conveniences provided, I'm still trying to remain active by playing tennis several times a week and often preparing my own meals. As soon as the pandemic subsides and some countries begin to welcome visitors, I plan to resume traveling.

No longer Chez Yoshi - Rental Condominium Unit

I had an unobstracted view toward Waikiki and Ala Moana Park from the living room and the bedrooms. Every Friday night I used to be able to view the fireworks held at Hilton Hawaiian Village. The condominium complex was equipped with a large pool and a tennis court on the garage roof top. Since Ala Moana Beach Park was easily accessible, I often used to go there to do power-walking or light jogging. It's a nice park with a beautiful beach that is not very crowded. I, also, used to go there to play tennis, with newly found tennis buddies, several mornings every week.

No Longer Chez Yoshi - House on Maui

I recently sold my property on Maui. This video chronicles the renovation of the main house, which transformed an old plantation-style house into a house with all the modern conveniences. During the renovation I lived in the cottage at the back of the property, and I was heavily involved in the process, which I actually enjoyed - just the planning and the supervising tasks, of course! After having lived in the renovated main house for 2+ years, I sold it and moved to Honolulu.

No Longer Chez Yoshi - House in San Jose

After purchasing this house, I spent about 3 years remaking the front yard and the backyard. I ripped out all the lawn because I didn't want to maintain it. With assistance I built a large trellis in the front yard so that I could grow some shade-loving plants under it. The white wisteria I planted for the trellis turned out to be a show stopper! I, also planted fruit trees - plum, peach, fig, persimon - in the backyard, which, along with the lemon and tangerine trees I inherited, produced a lot of fruit.

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